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After a successful certification audit in 2005, Wenaas Caspian Ltd. obtained the ISO 9001:2001 certificate for the integrated quality management system.The certificate is valid for the following scope of activities and services: Selling and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment. The certificate is valid until 02nd of November 2011 and will be supervised every year.


Winners of the Second Local Content Awards Announced
Jun 02 2005 06:25:57

On May 27, 2005 , the winners of the Second Local Content Awards were announced at a special event dedicated to the three-year anniversary of the Azerbaijan Enterprise Centre.
The award recognises any employee of BP, its partners and major contractors, who has made a significant contribution to developing local business capacity in Azerbaijan .
We are proud to announce that the Enterprise Centre Team has chosen the following nominees as winners of the Local Content Award.
The first award - Rashad Mahmudov from Wenaas Caspian for meeting the commitments on developing manufacturing of Azeri personal protective equipment as per the international standards.

The second award - BP Engineering Onshore Modifications Team for their activities in developing the local company Sumgayittikintigurashdirma-2. In particular, the award recognised the individual contributions of Shamil Babanli, Nadir Sadigov, Eric McCready, Gavin Thomson and Liz Burns as team leaders at Onshore Mods and Shahin Shahbazov at SCM. This is an excellent example of how the capabilities of a local company have been developed to reach BP standards.

The award is a gold-plated statue of the Enterprise Centre logo, symbolising the miraculous and beautiful ornamental flower, Khari-bulbul. The statute itself is a valuable piece of art made by the well-known Azeri artist Akif Askerov exclusively for the Enterprise Centre.

The Enterprise Centre Team thanks all of those who submitted their nominations to the Local Content Awards and once again congratulates the winners.

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